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Fortunately, this is underway around the world in the more than decade-old Transition Town Movement, which Magnuson describes in detail.Based on the ideas of permaculture, transition towns are places where the community comes together to design an "energy descent action plan" with specific steps to be taken based on the resources at hand in that particular community and its needs.So far, technology has been used to increase efficiency, but the data show that "the rate with which we burn through materials has increased despite the wonders of technology." Instead of a technological solution, we must first change the foundation of the economic system to that of sustainability, and design technology that serves the ends we desire, not vice versa.We are witnessing the reality of the destructive effect of "natural selection" under capitalism.If we are to transition to the new economy successfully, then we have to change our way of doing business and our way of life.Many of the concepts that are being put forth to mitigate our crises are perhaps palatable, but are not real answers.Market solutions such as true-cost pricing and carbon trading have been promoted to solve our climate and energy crises because these are easy and acceptable to most people.They mean we don't really have to change the way we live.

Also, capitalism as a system has never been about mere survival.He sees the United States at the beginnings of re-making the economy so that wealth, and the political power that goes with it, is shared by all.Both authors provide current examples of how communities and other institutions are responding to the reality of finding alternative ways to meet our needs.We can build on the experience of these models to prepare ourselves to face the environmental and economic crises and transform our social systems to be more just and sustainable at the same time.There Is No Such Thing as Green Capitalism; Re-Localization Is Necessary As Buckminster Fuller says, "To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." There is a simple truth: that every system does what it is designed to do.

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