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The king accuses his wife, Hermione, of sleeping with his best friend.He jails his wife, plots his friend's murder, and throws the newborn baby out onto the streets.No one should feel afraid of a little emoji flirtation, so we broke down the basics for our first Great British Guide to Emoji dating.Remember, this is a guide – you can and should experiment with your sex-moji just like you do in the bedroom (we hope).This was done intentionally to demonstrate that HOO is not an app that is only limited to America, but is already being warmly welcomed on an international level.Now, I know you are thinking, “Oh no not ANOTHER dating app”, but before you dismiss this one let me tell you why I think HOO is a genius idea.But it's the abandoned baby, Perdita, in whom Shakespeare offers a different model of love.When we meet her again, grown-up, unaware of her own story, but courted by a prince who has no idea that she is a princess, Perdita isn't out of her depth or out of her league.

She's Hillary Clinton, who won't be bullied out of her feminism.

We've all met those types and suffered at their perfectly manicured hands—the women who smile to your face and stab you in the back to get a man, a job.

In it's female power across the generations that prevents the killing spree of rage.

It's said that there are no happy marriages in Shakespeare—because the woman ends up with a man who doesn't deserve her. And he gives it to the "young lawyer" who turns out to be Portia in disguise. Be the glory that you are." When Cordelia is killed at the head of her own army, she's a role model.

is a daughter who won't do what her father wants, nor will she wheedle and flatter to get her own way. Cordelia doesn't die for a man, but she does die for love in the big sense of the word: love of truth, love of honesty, love of justice.

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