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A contestant who had previously been chosen for a deal earlier in the show had their number called on a few occasions.This contestant was chosen to play a special deal, which had four incarnations: The current revival brought the wheel back under a new name, "Go For a Spin".(see above) Each show ends with the Big Deal of the Day.

The top winner of the two was offered the first choice of a door, and the second contestant was then offered a choice of the two remaining doors.

The other two doors concealed prizes or prize packages of lesser value.

Zonks were never included in the Big Deal, although there was always the possibility that a contestant could wind up with less than his or her original winnings.

However, after the taping of the show, any trader who had been zonked would be offered a consolation prize instead of having to take home the actual zonk.

This is partly because some of the zonks were intrinsically impossible to receive or deliver to the contestants.

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