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Exo are known to be paired with any girl they ‘lay eyes one’.Just making the list, apink x exo ships is at number 10 for example of ships based purely on looks and rumors after rumors this ship is slowing faded as these rumors don’t meet reality.Donghae and Eunhyuk is on this list for their cute friendship they share, They are a calm OTP but they are from SM so some encouragement may be given by the company for the sake of fanservice, such as their sub-unit.Strangely enough their MV for ‘still you’ looks like two lovers from different time zone, with no female lead character in the MV.When exo started to get IG fans weren’t questioning why Chanyeol didn’t followed Dara but more shocked that another member followerd her, Luhan, there were however speculation of Chanyeol using Luhans phones at the time, with Luhans recent lawsuit with SM he parted with the group and this theory has resurfaced since he unfollowered two people on his IG, one being Dara, could this mean Chanyeol followed Dara on Luhans account?

Chanyeol is known for his reactions therefore fans are ready to capture any moment that involves Dara and Chanyeol however Chanyeol seem nervous around her.

These fans mean well but their actions definitely grabbed everyone attention. everything and anything just to get their idols interaction.

Some even go to long lengths into zooming in at every detail. Some live & hope to find true love, these fans however live to see their idols fall for each other even if it mean they have to nudge them a bit as encouragement.

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Korean media states Irene and EXO D O officially admits to Koreaboo Wouldnt surprise me exo and apink have had dating rumors in the past Komrki macierzyste Jul As idols encouraging fan fantasies as opposed to .

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