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Rudolf Escher (8 January 1912 in Amsterdam – 17 March 1980 in De Koog) was a Dutch composer and music theorist.

He left compositions for chamber orchestra and orchestra, vocal and one electronic composition. Escher was born the son of the geologist and mineralogist Berend George Escher and the Swiss Emma Brosy.

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Escher went to the Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden and continued his piano lessons, now with Bé Hartz. Next he wanted to go to the conservatoire in Keulen.

The Dutch composer Peter van Anrooy advised him to study piano.

He also wrote a view poems, which were published in Forum.

At the age of four, Escher moved with his family to Batavia, Dutch East Indies, where his father worked as a geologist for the Batavian Petroleum Company.His father was a good pianist and he gave the young Escher piano lessons.In 1922, five years later, they were back in the Netherlands, now in Leiden. At first he could not choose between music, visual arts and letters but in 1929 he decided to become a composer.They shared the same social and literary interests and communist ideals.They had enough trust in each other so that they could write critically about the others' compositions.

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