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Covered in a weathered cotton canvas, you would never know this was a camera bag if one didn’t tell you.And that’s a good thing, because, as any trip to a camera store will reveal, most DSLR bags are ghastly. despite Amber crawling into the lap of, and licking the face of, Chyna's ex-bf, Future.Amber is the lead chick in the rapper's "Mask Off" vid -- hot stuff that required them to get REALLY close.I loved it, and it has been my favorite DSLR day-bag ever since.But the Retrospective 5 is only able to carry a DSLR and a lens or two, so often times, I need to slug along my i Pad in yet another pack. Like its smaller sibling (the Retrospective 5), the new Retrospective 7 (R7, if you will) is an understated beauty.This understated design didn’t happen by accident, though.

That was how long it took before I found out that Jaap in the Netherlands had also gotten that engraving - but with his initials below! Enjoy this easy to use video class with Thorsten Overgaard going over the Leica M10. The answer was that when I got the Leica M Monochrom and used the first day, it was difficult to describe exactly what the soul of that camera was.

Sorry everyone, if it's too good to be true it probably is.

Not so long ago, I reviewed a beautiful new DSLR bag from Think Tank Photo called the Retrospective 5.

We all want one to symbolize real love and a important relationship. This book covers the technical side of photography from beginners level to semi-pro, features a number of photographs by Thorsten Overgaard and chapters on his philosophy on photography.

Price is around 190 Euro and made for women and men, after measurements. Harrison) got marrried and the whole wedding and honeymoon had a clear Leica theme down to the two Noctilux rings. Only 8 "I've bought the new book - made a start reading it - it is really interesting.

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