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I am not a ‘money-obsessed’ Sarahulleh – courtesy of my social licence of gamo/sanawya; am from Badibu - but I do have a strong desire for riches; and hence when Alhagie Abdoulie Touray asked that my next book be titled Instant Money, I decided to at least do an article on this very interesting and perhaps inspiring title.

It is at this point that George, with his security training, begins to suspect the presence of a saboteur aboard.

Research has proven that most millionaires who become rich from lottery end up poor and destitute.

The desire for money should not lure anyone into illicit acts like selling narcotics for that is the recipe for self-destruction.

The crew goes about preparing the great starship, the first of her kind and initially meant to be named Constitution, for her maiden voyage.

During the preparations, the crew is faced with a catastrophic failure of the warp engines, and they are nearly forced to jettison the warp nacelles to avoid the destruction of the entire ship.

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