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Research published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science shows that some of the earliest wood beams came instead from the Zuni Mountains, about 50 miles south of Chaco Canyon.Karaman - Continuing excavations in an extinct volcano in the Central Anatolian province of Karaman have unearthed a unique pyramidal mausoleum and a temple. It is known that Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius had coins printed in this region.Karaman Museum Director Abdülbari Yıldız said excavation and cleaning works had been continuing at the Değle and Madenşehri villages in the skirts of Karadağ Mountain since 2014. A mausoleum and a temple that had not been seen in the Central Anatolian and Mediterranean regions were found here.” The pyramidal mausoleum and the temple with a podium dated back to the 3rd century, Yıldız said. We estimate that this mausoleum belonged to a top Roman official,” he said.He said six church structures had been so far unearthed during the excavations, adding, “Excavations recently focused on Madenşehri. “The mausoleum and the temple were completely unearthed. “After Christianity became dominant in the region after the 5th century, dozens of churches were built.Churches have been found in the region but not a temple. It is very important that it is the only pyramidal mausoleum and temple with a podium ever found in Central Anatolia,” he added.

The shape of the finding, the experts said, suggests it was more likely part of a household or craft utensil. Well, Should also mention that I love reading Shugo Chara fan fics and My Candy Love fan fics, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama! *Might change to M rating.*Fraternal twins Alya and Ginny are close, but very different. Jealous of the closeness of what she considers the "real" twins and feeling ostracized by her family Alya also develops a hero worship of an older pale blonde After the battle with the newborns, Bella stumbles into an entirely new destiny. They will if two boys have anything to say about it. Ginny liked hero Harry Potter and Alya could not seem to stay away from a pale blonde Slytherin bad boy.The ASI had been able to get two C14 dates from excavated localities at Vadnagar, setting the antiquity of these findings to the first century CE The ASI had begun digging on January 5 to corroborate nearly 1400-year-old account of Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang who had mentioned existence of nearly 10 Buddhist monasteries in the area at that time.The initial discoveries had indicated that one or more Buddhist monasteries could indeed have flourished at the site.

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