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With roughly 14.3 million single people in Canada and more than one third of Canadians using online dating, a tech columnist says caution is needed when looking for love on the world wide web.

I suppose we could have waited for fate to intervene but there was just one problem: I was in the Maritimes and she was in England!"We Snapchat, we tag all of our social media posts with locations and it creates a false sense that it is a safe thing to do and it is not.I wouldn't share so much that an online predator could manipulate you, use something to prey on your vulnerabilities and then lure you in." For single parents, Ordolis recommends keeping children out of the equation, pointing to a recent Prince Edward Island court case.Ordolis says sometimes less is more when it comes to sharing, especially when it relates to your location."You need to hold back your location, where you live, where you are going to be or where you are at the present moment," Ordolis cautions.

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