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The answer is that even prophetic dreams are not absolute prophecy.

They foreshadow a potential future but not events set in stone. If a person offers a compatible interpretation for a dream, his very words may direct the spiritual force of the dream differently and for the better.

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Only the lowest part of our souls – the “animal soul” all living creatures possess – stays with us overnight.) Once our souls depart our bodies, they are able to roam the spiritual planes of existence where they are most at home.(The ability to reinterpret a dream may depend how prophetic the dream is.The more prophetic the dream, the harder it is to transform it through our words.On the other hand, the Talmud writes that the interpretation of dreams is in the hands of the interpreter (55b), and that an unexplained dream has no significance at all – as an unread letter (55a).The implication is that dreams are certainly not prophetic. They can, however, be interpreted – and their interpretation will come true.

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