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Being caught on camera talking getting touchy-feely with her co-host didn’t put Rebecca off getting any closer to Mark, as they were caught again flirting on live TV.Discussing a fan who had a tattoo of swimmer Michael Phelps tattooed on his chest, Mark then joked that Their cosy relationship hasn't come to a close since leaving the Olympic games, and they've only added more fuel to the romance rumour fire.But what do they have to say about the alleged affair?Here’s what you need to know about how their rumoured romance...At the GQ awards on Tuesday September 6, they turned up to the event together, walking the carpet arm in arm.

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He admits he initially had doubts about taking the job at all but says that he was won over by the personal touch offered to him by producers Broccoli and Wilson who act as buffers between him and the studio.‘I’m used to making movies for between million and m with total creative control,’ he explains. So I thought: What’s the upside for me to make a Bond film? Central to the existing set for the opera is an enormous human eye the size of the entire stage. We see a flash, too, of the new Bond villain, French actor Mathieu Amalric, who plays a character with the decidedly unvillainous name of Dominic Greene.‘For instance, with “The Dark Knight” Christopher Nolan had a year to cut his movie, to work on the visual effects, to reflect.I don’t have that time and so compromises have to be made.’ If it sounds like he’s making excuses for what’s to come when the film opens at the end of October, it doesn’t feel like that in the moment.At the Sports's Personality Of The Years Awards, Mark and Rebecca sat next to each other, sending Twitter into meltdown as fans couldn't help but question their relationship all over again.The rumours first began during the Rio Olympic games this summer when former professional swimmer Rebecca was caught on video getting rather close to Mark as they laughed and chatted about the 2016 games.

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