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As Tada slowly advances the relationship between the two of them with both difficult scenarios and moments of good fortune, readers will be constantly looking forward to the day Naoki realizes his own feelings for Kotoko and tells her - although knowing Naoki, it probably won't be unless Kotoko can average above a 60 on her exams!In this volume, Naoki is clearly getting used to Kotoko's overwhelming feelings and even notices when she isn't around.However while he isn't discouraging her, he's not really doing anything to encourage her.There are still some lovely classic/cliche shojo moments, though:- a spontaneous "date"- a trip to Atami (with their families, but still together!This volume is the first where you see him act somewhat more realistically. Thank goodness this series is FINALLY getting published in English.Volume 3 opens with Absolutely one of my favorite shojo series. It's one of those rare series that gets away with being comedic/overly dramatic here and there without eventually straying into the annoying/'just too much' zone.

It draws you in with an unlikely pairing and slowly unfolds the two of them drawing closer to each other through their own efforts as well as the invisible hand that controls the circumstances of all shoujo manga.

Even as events seem to be gradually pulling them apart, they always seem to end up together in the end, whether it is at the school festival or during a blizzard that leaves the both of them snowed in at Naoki's new home.

For the Kin-chan fans (there's gotta be some out there!

) there are plenty of scenes of the strange Kin-chan doing his best to try and catch Kotoko's eye in any way possible.

And then there is the university's anime club who have adopted Kotoko as their tennis superstar for their new animated project - a project that ends up being a wonderful homage to the sports and mahou shoujo genre anime from the seventies.

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