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I also find it funny, he's not working now, I thought he'd go to LA and shoot something short, but it doesn't look like it. He need a lot of time for himself and his gorgeous body and if he has some time left, he spends it on twitter. They stopped showing Scotland and nudity and that can't end well True, most of the fans have read the books so it's not suspense that keeps them tuning in; it's Heughan's hot-as-fuckness.He'll clime Kilimanjaro at some point in May and that couldbe the reason for the insane amount of time he spends at the gym. How could he possibly have enough time for a serious relationship? But it looks like the ratings have dropped every week since and apparently it's unusual for STARZ to go this long without explicitly renewing a show, so maybe we'll all get lucky, STARZ will cancel, Sam can stop pretending he's into girls and RDM can go work on something I find more interesting. But even though the ratings have tanked, the fact that he hasn't cut his hair since filming ended is a bad sign.[quote]Heughan wants to look straight but he is starting to look desperate, liking all those tweets about how 'hot and stunning' Caitriona Balfe is.I could only bear four minutes of the show, I don't understand the fuss for it on here.[quote]Maybe they could replace Gabaldon with someone who can actually write. Too bad we can't go back in time and have someone else write the books. For someone who's such an eligible bachelor, the fact that he's pushing 40 and can't sustain a relationship with a woman should raise eyebrows.If Heughan really dated any of these LA bimbos I'm sure there would be more evidence, but there's literally nothing, so I'm not buying it.I cannot understand why he doesn't have something announced yet. I would think a studio would snap him up for something. Let's hope this show doesn't get renewed so he can seriously consider other roles.[quite]Even Gabaldon called him "grotesque." He is. I saw that detail included in an interview with White and it was actually phrased "he's 40, but frequently mistaken for 25."Sam just seems like one of the good guys.He has the month of June because IIRC S2 of Outlander started shooting end of July. He gets better and better on OL and despite all of his social media self promotion And need for approval find myself rooting for him... For me he carries the show and yet the spotlight always seems to find Menzies (deservedly so) and Balfe (not so much).You're the only one who thinks disturbing sickening scene was romantic and sensual. The whole photo shoot looks like it is for out magazine. For real though, if the rape of a female character had been presented in a similar light there would've been widespread outrage.It's genuinely disturbing that the primarily female audience not only waves this off but finds it powerful -- oh, Jamie's guilt about being made love to is a primary driver to the story moving forward!

How about this for one of R30/R32/R33's (PMBT Troll's) recent threads:[quote]Smells you hate[quote]What smell do you dislike ? PMBT Troll, starter of pointless threads and maker of trivial points.Only a closeted gay co-star would answer this kind of tweets.45 here. It makes no sense, because what else could it be but homophobia, pure and simple? I'm guessing he bought a house in Glasgow.[quote]He's also impossibly good looking, and looks 25 at 39.Sorry, I just started posting and don't know how to make the brackets appear. Although I like him less than I did since he seems full of himself on social media. Heughan said he auditioned constantly in Hollywood, SEVEN times for Game of Thrones, alone. He's got the acting chops, he's got the star power, he's a total chameleon and he's hot as hell. His major audience is horny middle-aged women but I can't imagine him playing believable straight character in modern times. It's a tribute to DL's limited cultural influence that a gay man could write that with a straight face.Seems like everyone who dares to disagree with you is nasty troll.Life must be hard.[quote]Please stop arguing about rape & Rapelander.

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