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The alternative method is "Parcel Force" with higher cover, but it is expensive, here are some examples for a watch & chain up to 500 in total value: Germany: 51, Japan: 70, USA: 62, Australia 70.

There is a special service for the Republic of Ireland @ 28.

From 1st April 2014 the recently privatised Royal Mail withdrew their international "Air Sure" service, the means that the maximum insurance available through the mail is now 250.

At the customers risk I can send worldwide for a flat rate of 15 with this maximum compensation of 250.

On my first return from outside the EU (for a minor problem), the buyer put an inflated value on the watch "to be on the safe side" and used a premium carrier, this resulted in a bill for 145, more than half the value of the watch and I can not cover such charges.

“We are very sorry to see Dr John Collier leave the practice, he will be missed by staff and patients.Due to limitations with this web sites hosting service, higher resolution pictures are held on a different site, previously this was Photobucket and briefly Google Photos, but from June 2016 pictures of watches currently for sale and some already sold have been moved Zenfolio, a hosting site for professional photographers where they can be viewed and purchased as prints, downloads etc.Also available are a limited number of very high resolution pictures (up to 24 Mega Pixel) optimised for printing which can be printed up to poster size.A call to the surgery yesterday revealed that no non-emergency appointments are available until January 6.The surgery merged with the neighbouring Orchard Surgery and the Burton and Bransgore Medical Centres to form the Christchurch Medical Practice (CMP) earlier this year after struggling to recruit its own GPs. Dr Jo White, Senior Partner at CMP said: “Barn, Orchard and Burton and Bransgore practices have recently merged, forming Christchurch Medical Practice.

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