Dolphin dating social network software

Some of the features include: personalized profiles, easy messaging, sub groups, event promotion, text and video chat, forums, blogging, photo & video sharing, facebook integration and more.

Social GOCost: Free - 9 / month depending on plan More Info: Social GOSpruz allows you to create your own website with full member and social features.

Complete with a wealth of features and available plugins, it is a great option for those looking to start their own network without a high level of required customization.

Social Engine Social Engine gives you a good looking social network out of the box with minimal setup required, you simply customize from there.

Dolphin is the only "all-in-one" bundle of PHP community scripts, Flash plugins, Adobe AIR and Mobile apps that provide full control, freedom and flexibility.

Cost: Free to 9 (depends on license)More Info: Dolphin And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a large number of options that should fit most needs.

Social Engine is a commercial product that has been designed for an advanced social network.

Cost: 9 More Info: Social or read our Social Engine Review Jom Social is an addon for Joomla that adds social network functionality.

You can easily enable social networking to collaborate with your community with features such as activity streams, flexible templating & design, photo gallery, video support, organic groups, event management, social graph management, customize profile, private messaging, external social network integration and many more.

Buddy Press was conceived in 2008 while working to add social networking features to a Word Press MU powered site. The platform has grown and morphed considerably since then, into the dynamic, easily extensible package you see today.

Buddy Press Just like its parent project Word Press, Buddy Press is a completely open source endeavor.

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