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This is usually due to both the complication of centralizing third-party patching, but more so because of the linking of commodity technologies, such as PDF readers, into mission-critical business processes that may be interrupted by upgraded versions and require lengthy testing prior to extensive deployment.

While this shouldn’t specifically illustrate that OVH is overtly malicious, it does show that their hosting strategies are permissive to cybercrime (or at least, they are not staffed or equipped to handle abuse requests in a timely manner.).

More on Bredolab Bredolab rose to prominence in the malware community around the middle of 2009.

Trend Micro has a very good report on the malware’s specifics.

This criminal system came to our attention in July 2010, when Net Witness analysts were asked to investigate a hacked wordpress blog.

We found that the following obfuscated script had been injected into all and php pages on the site: When decoded, this script created a redirect to the following location: hxxp:// Further investigation revealed an injection of the script into victim webpages via FTP: These IPs all connected to the victim website within a 20-minute period on May 8 Down the Rabbit-hole Once we established the source of the website compromise, we began back-tracking into the criminal infrastructure to help develop intelligence that would assist our customers.

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